Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Moments


These past couple of days were spent enjoying a nice three day weekend :) The Little Lady got to enjoy some new farm animals at the local petting zoo, she loved petting them and talking to them. She liked the animals so much we decided on getting the annual pass. The Little Lady also is starting to take more steps, she is up to three or four steps before falling (yikes!) We also did a little shopping and had some good eats (veggie pho, stir fry, and veggie burgers) this weekend. I can't wait for spring to start this Little Lady really enjoys the outdoors...just like her Mama :)


  1. sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me!
    I love those coffee mugs :)

  2. I bet ur husband enjoyed a big fat bacon blue cheese burger!

  3. so cute! yay for steps. what a great idea, i need to take M to a petting zoo. i'm sure she'll love it!

  4. I bet she loved the petting zoo, great photos! And congratulations on those baby steps!