Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Extraordinary 5 Months!

                                                       Happy five months little lady!!

Dear Little Lady,
I can't believe how time has gone by so quickly. Happy five months to you. I can't believe around this time last year, we had just found out about you. Over the past five months you have learned so many things. Here some of the things you are currently enjoying
  1. You love your two four legged brothers.
  2. Fresh baby food.
  3. Nursing.
  4. Being outside.
  5. Walking around.
  6. Sophie the giraffe
  7. Grabbing at just about anything.
  8. Getting your pants changed.
  9. Talking.
  10. Making bubbles.
  11. Sleeping at night.
  12. Your Grammy watching you.
  13. Taking baths.
You sure are a busy lady. You constantly need to be on the go. You hardly ever have time to sit and relax. This makes for a tired Grammy at the end of the day. We all love you little one and are enjoying watching you grow.



  1. Hee! Audrey Girl!

    You sound like your Auntie Al.. Mama and your aunties always say I'm always on the go with no time to relax. Love it! Happy 5 months!

    Love you lots,
    Auntie Al

  2. Dear Audrey,
    I am so happy to have finally met you! I can't wait to teach you to play baseball!
    Uncle Joshy