Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five Hours

Over the holiday break we snuck away for the day and headed up to Mt. Shasta. This is a five hour drive from us... most people would never think to drive the five hours, just to spend a few hours there and then drive back. My sister and I look at it differently...if we can see a cool waterfall and a mystery cave off the side of a dirt road, we are so down!! So we were off with a few snacks and lots of coffee. Audrey is use to these spur of the moment trips and was very excited to hit the road. I didn't really take any photos... I think we were really caught up in the adventure and the beauty of it all. The last time I saw a cave was years ago and in a different state, so it was cool finding one so close in California to show Audrey. You never know what you can find in your state you just have to drive and find out. Thankful for our little car and all the places it takes us.

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