Friday, October 6, 2017

Close to Home

Happy Friday!! I haven't been to this space for awhile and I just wanted to check in. Life has been chugging along and things have been for the most part pretty good. However, it is devastating to see so much negativity going on in our world today. So many people need help around the world and even in our own country. I just want to see a better world for my daughter and it starts with each one of us. 

We have been still exploring but keeping things close to home lately. Our work/school life is busy, so it nice to slow things down a bit on the weekends. We took these pictures a few weeks ago on a impromptu adventure. We live near the bay and the salt flats turned we have to check out this natural beauty. Also, we finally finalized our dream Europe trip and next summer we will be gone for close to a month. The best part is we will be surrounded with our family. So many good memories will be made. This is my dream for Audrey and  I can't believe we will be making it a reality. So things are good around here...just taking things day by day. 

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