Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer Camp

This summer we had the chance to the hit the road with my husband's parents RV. We wanted to find a spot near the beach but also somewhere that had some nice hiking trails close by. After some research we found the perfect little spot. We hit the road and traveled up north to Trinidad, California. It really had all we were looking for and was really easy considering it was our first time in a RV. We found the cutest campsite surrounded by the Redwoods. I was so surprised by all the amenities offered at our campsite... there was internet, cable, water, electricity, ac, and even heat. I didn't realize how fancy an RV could be. 

We spent the day hiking along the coast. It started off cold and overcast but turned into a beautiful sunny day. We walked into town and found the cutest restaurant overlooking the coast. It was a long day spent walking, so it was perfect to get back to our campsite and just relax. Audrey found some friends and we played into the evening. It was nice to get away for a bit and plan on maybe taking the RV to Big Sur in the fall for our anniversary. Road trips forever!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend. We are spending it close to home and just enjoying each others company. Three day weekends forever as well!!

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