Monday, March 10, 2014

Saturday Life

This past Saturday was really a perfect day. We had no major plans but ballet and a little study time for Audrey and we did just that. It was parent observation day at Audrey's ballet school and we got a chance to see how she does. Audrey starts out at the beginning of practice really shy and just watches and by the end she is full on moving and doing her best to focus on the instruction given. At one point in the middle of class she felt the need to tell everyone about her new necklace...she silenced the whole room :) After ballet we did a little study/family time together. We worked on letter recognition and writing a few letters. It was nice just to be together and have a slow morning. 

We noticed the weather was nice so we decided to start our garden. We got peppers, tomatoes, squash, kale, stawberries, and a few herbs. We don't exactly have a green thumb but hopefully with a little love and care we can get this little garden to grow. I love days when we stay close to home, get organized, and have a little family project. I use to be all about going out but now I am all about staying in. 


  1. Sounds lovely. I love parent watching week at dance class. My daughter does tap but now wants to switch to ballet. I watched her do a trial class last week and it was very sweet and I'm happy to let her switch :) So exciting to be growing your own food ! I'd love to do that one day when I have a garden.

    1. Aww...tap class sounds awesome too ;) Growing our own food is still new to us but so much fun.

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