Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trees and Lights

This holiday season came rather quickly this year. I am glad it is here though and it's so awesome to see Audrey's excitement. She has a love for all things Christmas trees and lights. Our drives home now consist of her pointing out the decorated homes and finding Christmas lights. I love it... I love that she only knows of trees, lights, and decorations and not of the presents to come. I kind of wish it could stay like this. My hopes are to always keep her focused on family, giving and decorating traditions...not the presents. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season...although it's freezing it's a really good time of the year :)


  1. girlfriend has style! Love her little skirt and socks. and your advent calendar! i'm so excited for my son to be old enough to participate and to search for approximately 18 full days on Pinterest to find THEE perfect calendar.

  2. thank you and sometimes we let her dress herself :) We actually went all the way to the 25th on the advent calender...pinterest had some really awesome ideas for calendars :)