Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Science Fun

This science experiment we decided to melt ice using salt, food coloring, and water. By sprinkling salt on the ice it forms ravines and you can see the colored water going through the ice. It was a pretty cool experiment and Audrey enjoyed doing it. It was actually neat to see the different colors and watch the colors flow down the small ravines in the ice. All you need is...

1. Bowls to freeze the water in.
2. Eye dropper.
3. Food dye or liquid water colors.
4. Water for the coloring.
5. Coarse salt to help melt the ice and create the ravines.

Our experiments aren't perfect and sometimes we don't get the results we anticipate but I love how excited she gets about the projects. She is learning to follow directions and takes her time with each experiment. She also helps me clean up when we are finished...it is a good learning experience for the both of us. 

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