Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rain and Sun

This weekend we got the best of both worlds...Saturday was pouring down rain but not cold and today was sunny but not too warm. We had a very calm weekend here and managed to get errands and cleaning done without it really feeling like work. Audrey had another sleep over with her cousin and although they gave some hesitation about bedtime they eventually gave in and slept through the night :)

This weekend we also received Audrey's new bike seat. She absolutely loves it and it fits my bike perfectly. I was worried it would be too heavy or I wouldn't be able to steer as well...but so far so good. I feel super comfortable with her on my bike and she is so happy to ride. We ended our Sunday with a bike ride around our neighborhood and we made a stop for fresh fruit cups and chips with lime and chili. Here is to a good work week ahead...


  1. The weather was crazy here in San Francisco on Saturday-pouring rain! I can't wait until Berlin can ride in a bike seat, although I can't say I'm exactly comfortable riding with her in the city.

    1. Berlin would probably be okay to ride in a bike seat...although I would probably be nervous to ride in the city too :)