Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Art Party


Last weekend we celebrated Audrey's fifth birthday with an art party. We invited her closest friends and had a little fun. When planning the art party it was at first going to be a small party with a few arts and crafts but after my husband got involved... there was soon a jumpy house, face painter, and even a popcorn machine. It was ALL worth it in the end I suppose... the kids had a good time and were fully entertained. There was a point in the party where I thought no kid would even want to sit down and do art but eventually they all sat down and got to work. It was fun party with her little friends and Audrey really had so much fun. We decided every five years we can do bigger parties like this for her. We want to actually get a little outdoor theater set up in our backyard. I have a feeling sleepovers will start to happen more and more as she gets older and we want to be prepared. 


  1. LOL husbands! Mine does the same when he's involved.

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