Thursday, January 23, 2014

Science Fun

This science experiment we wanted to prove that oil and water don't mix by using oil, ice, and food coloring. The night before I froze some water with food coloring and the next day we put the ice in baby oil. Oil and water will never mix... although over time the water bubbles will pull together as if the oil and water were mixing. All you need for this experiment is...

1. Ice cubes. 
2. Food coloring in the ice cubes.
3. Baby oil is best because it is clear but it is not safe for ingestion... use caution.
4. A tray or dish to put everything in.

I liked this experiment because it was a simple set up and Audrey was entertained for quite some time. Also, I had all the materials on hand. Part of the reason why I like doing these little experiments with her is because she is learning to follow directions and focus on the directions given. She does pretty good with these activities and we usually don't have any issues. All the experiments we do I have found on Pinterest