Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Flight

This past Saturday we got the chance to take a private plane around the Bay Area. My husband has a friend who is very experienced with flying and has a passion for all things aviation. The Little Lady shares this same passion as well, so he offered to take us up in the air with him. We got to board a small, single engine plane and take off on a wonderful adventure. Nervous?? Oh yes,  but the Little Lady's excitement help calm my nerves just a bit. 

Once we boarded the plane you could hear Audrey telling Pilot Derek to..."Go Go Fast." Once we got in the air, we enjoyed the views of the Bay Area. We truly live in an amazing place. We saw the sights of San Francisco and the beautiful coastline. Pilot Derek flew us in to Half Moon Bay and we had a relaxing, slow brunch. Audrey was in heaven the whole time and really enjoyed herself. To my surprise the whole flight was smooth with only a few small bumps, take off and landing included :) It was definitely a great experience and I am really glad we did it. Thanks Pilot Derek :)

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  1. it is an amazing experience for your kids. Thanks for sharing with us. Like to share more baby thing with you at my blog.