Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going to Grandma's

We spent our spring break traveling to my Great Grandma's house. My Great Grandma lives in a teeny tiny town deep in the desert of New Mexico. I love it there, though... everything and everyone is super slow paced. It is a much needed break from our fast paced lives and plus her home is just so cozy and inviting. It feels so good knowing Audrey got the opportunity to meet her Great Great Grandma. I felt so incredibly lucky for them to meet... so lucky. 

My Great Grandma is one incredible lady. Her stories are amazing and everything she has been through has made her one strong person. Kind, generous, independent, patient, and peaceful are a few words to describe her. I am so blessed to know her. We even got a chance to eat her homemade enchiladas... I was in heaven :) We really had a nice trip spent with family and most of all my Great Grandma.


  1. Your Great Grandma is so cute and I love this post, bc my grandma is my bestest friend! :)


  2. great grandma's place looks great and she looks very happy to have you all over!