Monday, January 14, 2013

Bag Lady

Audrey's bag

I am always curious to see what mom's carry in their diaper bags. What are the absolute essentials? What are the items they can't leave home without? Even in college I would see people with huge, bulky backpacks but then they would ask me for paper and a pen...What could they possibly be carrying in their bags?? In my "bag of tricks" I keep it simple...maybe, too simple :) I like to travel as light as possible. 

1. My Burt Bee's chap stick .
2. My kindle (Not much reading gets done when I'm out...but you never know.)
3. Seventh Generation diapers and wipes.
4. Reusable snack bag (Not pictured but very important... a sippy cup of water.)
5. A set of extra clothes. (usually a shirt, pants, hat, and sweater)
6. A fork and or spoon.
7. Moisturizing hand sanitizer. (by Trader Joe's.)
8. A bib (Not pictured usually a small hand towel, just in case.)
9. My ray bans sunglasses.
10. My wallet. (Anthropologie)
11. Of course the famous iPhone. (Sometimes I will bring my Nikon camera.)
12. A book for Audrey to read.

Not pictured but always in my car...
1. A blanket
2. A small ball 
3. Lenny the Lamb (Audrey's favorite stuffed animal. Thanks to her Auntie she now has two Lenny's)
4. More books and a small travel magna doodle :) 
5. Also, Audrey loves to read her books on our way home but it is too dark by the time I get off. So my husband installed a small reading light above her car seat :) It's just bright enough so she can read her books but not too bright that it interferes with my view of the road. She's happy...I'm happy :)


  1. lol, I always wondered what everyone carries in those huge diaper bags! I keep mine 'uber' simple...even with two little ones. I tend to just stuff an extra prefold in the pocket of my Ergo, bring along some cash in a coat pocket, and a re-usable shopping bag stuffed into the other coat pocket. Good to go! lol (of course, there are those few and far between moments where I DO wish I had a huge diaper bag and carried everything under the sun!)

  2. My diaper bag is tiny and I still manage cloth diapers, wet bags, hats, mittens, sbacks, lip balm, change of pants, wipes, bibs, a pen, and a few other things. Sometimes I want a big bag, but then I would need a giant stroller just to lug it around!

    1. Haha!! I rarely use a stroller. We have a super, tiny light one and I still hate taking it :)