Sunday, October 7, 2012

Half Birthday Love

On Saturday was the Little Lady's half birthday celebration. Originally we wanted to take her to SF and celebrate with some Ike's sandwiches  but there were a bunch of events going on in the city. Also the Little Lady had not had her nap and we didn't want to get stuck in a traffic situation. So we stayed closer to home and took her to the Niles area to have a nice, slow lunch. We went to The Vine which has many locally, organic grown food. This lunch included her favorite meal of french fries and nooo, she did not eat that whole plate of and dad took care of the rest :) 

After lunch, we let her run around at the park across the street. They had a old train station and she could see the "choo choo's" passing by. She also found some friends to play with and ran around with them. After, we walked by the local shops. It ended up being a fun afternoon despite not having a nap. Happy Eighteen Months to a very special lady, she is growing and learning every single day.

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