Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Flight

Flying with baby...

Our flight to Hawaii was the Little Lady's first time traveling. I was very nervous about this five hour plane ride because she is not the type of baby who likes to sit still and gets very frustrated if you try to make her be still. We didn't purchase her a seat because she can still fly free and I assumed she wouldn't even want to sit in the seat. I brought a regular diaper bag with the usual supplies in it and I packed her a goody bag. The goody bag contained...

1. Pacifier for take off and landing to help with ears. (She doesn't use one on a regular basis though.)
2. Keychains all connected together. (I just tired to collect some from our house and borrowed from 
    family members.)
3. Wallet with expired giftcards. (I used an old wallet that I was no longer using at the moment. She 
     loves opening and closing it and collecting the cards.)
4. Koosh balls. (She loves these balls for some reason.)
5. Reading books (One of the books made sounds which wasn't too loud in flight.)
6. Stickers (she just looked at these.)
7. A few pipe cleaners. (she liked to bend them.)
8. In flight T.V. (she could have cared less about this, she never watches t.v. so maybe that's why.)
9. Lenny the Lamb (her favorite sleepy time friend.)

(Also, I made sure she didn't see any of these goodies till we were in flight, so everything seemed new to her.)

We were also lucky enough to have our flight scheduled around her nap time. So she slept two hours each way. I held her each time and didn't move a muscle when she slept, even when my arm went numb...haha :) The Little Lady did so well on the flight, she didn't cry once and sat on both our laps. Im convinced it was a stroke of luck. The goody bag really came in handy though and we used every toy in there and it really did keep her entertained. My husband and I even got to take naps on the flight and read. I kept thinking...Why is she being so good??? She must of known we were going to paradise...

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