Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Night School

Raising her hand :)
Relaxing and learning :)
Distracted :)
Tuffy tried to help :)

Two nights a week I help tutor a little girl :) So earlier today I picked up a book for her and while I was shopping for her, I found these flashcards of all these animals for the Little Lady :) The Little Lady has a passion for animals, so I had to buy them. After dinner (if you look closely her dress is covered in marinara sauce) we decided to do a little learning outside. I sat her at her desk and we began :) I can tell you this, she did enjoy the flashcards :) she talked to them, kissed them, tasted them, and threw them... it was awesome. Also, during this learning process, she relaxed and put her feet up and got distracted by too many things to count... it was again, awesome. If I was her teacher I would have given her an A+... I'm sure her future teachers will feel differently :)

 p.s. Thanks for the new hippo chair Pop-Pop, she loves it :)

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