Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fifteen Months + Four Days

Dear Little Lady, 
Happy Fifteen months and four days to you. We have been having such a wonderful summer together. I love not having to work and spend all this extra time with you. My favorite moments are all the mornings we get to spend together. We cook breakfast together and you sing me all your made up songs :) We play with your doggy brothers, chickens, and your rabbits. I wish we could always do this, I will forever remember this summer. Here are somethings you are enjoying or doing this month...
  1. You love wearing this pink hat pictured above  :)
  2. You absolutely have to point out every bird or airplane that flies by :)
  3. Balls and balloons are you favorite :)
  4. You love the swimming pool :)
  5. Mr. Potato Head and you are best buds :)
  6. New word..."Uh oh, spaghetti oh" 
  7. "Patience" is not your middle name :)
  8. You are loving peaches and bananas :)
  9. You love greeting daddy when he comes home from work :)
  10. You love giving your dogs their morning treats :)
  11. Playing with cousin, Julian :)
  12. You love to give kisses to all the animals and occasionally Mama and Daddy :) 
The weeks seem to be passing by so quickly and I am just trying to enjoy every moment of this summer with you. I feel truly blessed to be able to spend these days with you. You are such an amazing Little Lady and there is never a dull moment with you :)



  1. Absolutely LOVE the outfit! Did I mention she is adorable? I love how you chronicle your daughter's life, she'll appreciate it later on.

    1. Aww :) Thank you so much...I really appreciate our comment.

    2. Omgosh! She is beautiful and that outfit is precious! Where did you buy it?? I have a 2 year old girl and am always looking to buy new clothes for her! I love to shop for her more than myself. I buy a lot of clothes at Tinytotties.com!