Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Can Be...

My future archaeologist :) My Little Lady is always digging in the dirt and exploring every where and every place. So we thought it was only appropriate to get her this cute onesie. The kind Mama named Bee, who owns this wonderful company called...I Can Be sent us this great onesie. We think it suits our Little Lady with all the exploring she does :) This little company is so great, it uses 100% organic cotton for their cute shirts and the packaging is totally Eco-friendly. I also love that some of the proceeds go to wonderful children's charities such as Autism Speaks :) Stop by their lovely website, if you have a moment. They also now have a coupon code: ICANB30 for 30% off your total purchase...whoo hoo :)


  1. that hat! that shirt! adorable!

  2. okay, that hat is adorable! where did you find it? If I could actually get my daughter to wear a hat, that's the one I would get:) Just stumbled upon your blog and it's great! am your newest follower...

    1. Aww welcome :) My sister got that hat at a store called h&m :)