Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fourteen Month Love

Uh oh!!!

Dear Little Lady,
Happy fourteen months to you. You are growing so quick, everyday you are getting bigger. You have now perfected your run :) and you now run everywhere and every place. We enjoy taking you on adventures and you have a great love for the outdoors. We are also so happy that your little teeth are coming in as well. Here are some things you are liking or doing these days...

  1. Playing with bouncy balls.
  2. Giving hugs and kisses.
  3. Playing with rocks and sticks.
  4. Loves to watch ants on the ground.
  5. Pointing at airplanes and birds in the sky.
  6. Dancing to any kind of music.
  7. Feeding animals.
  8. Loves to close and open doors.
  9. Has been taking more naps during the day.
  10. Waving to strangers.
The time is going quick, but we try to enjoy and soak in every moment. We love you, Little Lady :)


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