Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thirteen Month Love

Dear Little Lady,
You are growing up too quick little one :) The time is flying by and there is no way to slow it down. We are enjoying watching you grow into a little lady right before our eyes. You have such a free spirited personality and are so independent. You are in your element when we let you just run free :) You run up to complete strangers and flash that big smile at them, wherever you go. Here are some of the things you are doing and enjoying at this moment...

  1. Doggies (big, small, fat, skinny, ugly, love them all.)
  2. Black bean and avocado (can't get enough of this.)
  3. Digging in rocks and dirt (my little archeologist.)
  4. Watching birdies and airplanes fly by.
  5. Kissing stuffed animals and doggies (too cute!)
  6. Running and giving people hugs (the best!)
  7. Clapping hands.
  8. Flirting with strangers.
  9. Playing with kids.
  10. You have finally learned that rocks and dog food are not for eating :)
  11. Dancing when you hear any type of music.
  12. Stacking alphabet blocks .
  13. Giving people "high fives" (your latest thing.)
  14. Most of all...being free to do as you please :)                                                                        

Thanks, Grandpa for my vintage wheel barrel...I shall now garden :) Love, Audrey

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