Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Free Spirit

 My free spirited, independent Little Lady!

We have been noticing for quite sometime these qualities our Little Lady has :) She has this wild spirit in her, she needs to SEE everything and DO everything. She is quite the opposite of me...I was very timid and didn't mind taking a backseat to things.

This got me thinking of what will she do later in life? Who will she become? The possibilities are endless. It is my job to show her all these possibilities and to teach her that the sky is the limit :) I will always show her to DO more, SEE more, LEARN more, GIVE more and BE more. Life is too short and the time given is so precious, I want her to always cherish it.  

I will never stress that you NEED to make the "big money" in order to feel accomplished or to feel successful. As long as you are happy and making a difference in someone's life that is what is important. I will always support her endeavors and be there to help her reach her goals. I can't wait to see what she can accomplish and become. I better buckle up...I have feeling it is going to be a wild ride :)

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