Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Waiting Game (part three)

As I mentioned before here and here we were waiting for our Little Lady to grow just a bit more and to rule out any serious problems that could be taking place. Well, the results are in and the doc and the specialists think she is just fine...phew :) She once again is meeting all milestones and she has now grown to a whole sixteen pounds and her head has even grown a teensy bit more :) She is still not on their silly growth chart, but she is just fine!!! My Little Lady is the smallest, strongest, twelve month old I know!

Happy Sunday! we are still having gorgeous weather here and are taking full advantage with a good old bbq :)


  1. meeting milestones is a great thing. she is awesome and adorable and everything else you said. :)

  2. new commenter here :)

    so glad to hear your "little lady" is doing just fine!!