Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clubhouse Fun

Dear Little Lady, 
This past week your dad has been busy working hard, building your very own club house :) He wanted to give you something special and handmade for your birthday. We also wanted to give you something you could use for years to come...or at least till you are 4 1/2ft tall :) I can't wait for you to play in it with your friends or your doggy brothers. So many cool things you can do with it, let your imagination run wild. One of our goals was to make the backyard as kid friendly as possible. We are defiantly an outdoor bbq type of family :) I love that you have a slide, swing, grass, carrot garden, and now even your very own clubhouse thanks to your handy dad :) Oh, and I helped paint it. That was my contribution to the project. Hope you like it, Little Lady...


Update... The Little Lady started stacking her alphabet blocks today, pretty sure she's a genius :)


  1. Too cute! I had a clubhouse when we were younger and I just loved it! Sometimes if I'm in the old neighbourhood I drive by to see if it's still there (you can see it peek over the fence of my old house) and I'm always surprised and delighted to see that it is!

    1. AWW...I always wanted one as a kid :)