Thursday, March 22, 2012

T.V. Free

Relaxing with her "t.v."  :)

A few months ago I posted about saying good bye to our black box. We have been doing great with this and are so happy we decided to be t.v. free during the week. This gives more quality one on one time with the Little Lady. Once a week, before we wake the Little Lady and while I am pumping I do watch...  New Girl :) It's my favorite show and the only show that can actually hold my attention. The rest of the time we are t.v. free, I swear...This got me thinking about what will the Little Lady watch? How much will she watch? I know for fact we will keep the no t.v. during the week. I would love to do a family movie night on the weekends :) My mom and I were trying to compile a list of some movies that would be good for her to see once she is older. Does anyone have any suggestions of nice, wholesome movies?? Preferably, older movies :)

I just wanted to share this beautiful blog called Our Lovely Lives they have such a beautiful way of showing life's everyday moments :) Their little Maja is about to turn one... Happy Birthday Maja :)

Happy (almost) Friday!!


  1. good for you guys!

    some great classic movies are "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Charlotte's Web" (1973 version), but my favorite childhood movie of all time is "A Little Princess" (1995 version)

  2. The Secret Garden was a favorite of mine!

  3. Thanks ladies I will be adding these to the list :)

  4. I've often wanted to give up the TV, but I find it hard to say goodbye to my favorite shows! However, I LOVE the days when the shows are a rerun because then I can just relax and take my time with my nightly chores instead of rushing so that I can plop down in front of the TV.

    Anyhow, NeverEnding Story was a childhood favorite of mine!