Thursday, March 15, 2012

Health Nut

Avocado and black beans
Avocado salad
Veggie pasta

 So ever since we started solids we have been trying to give the Little Lady as much variety (healthy) foods as possible. When we first started this journey of solids I was so nervous she wouldn't enjoy too many foods, but so far she has enjoyed EVERYTHING. She hasn't met a food, she won't eat. This Little Lady loves to eat and she gets MAD if you don't feed her fast enough or give her enough :) above are some of her favorite dishes for dinner. 


  1. Adelaide USED to eat everything, now she's super picky. At nearly 15 months old, it's all I can do to get her to sit for a few minutes to down some over her "favorite" foods. Some days she likes 'em, some days she doesn't.

    1. AWW :) Yes, I hope Audrey stays on the eating train :)