Friday, November 18, 2011

Daddy's Lil' Bug-A-Boo

Dear Audrey Pants,

This is mostly your Mama’s blog, but Imma  share a little bit too.  These almost 8 months have been life changing.  The best advise people gave us before you were born was “get your sleep now cus your not gonna get it later”.  Well, I would have to say, thank you Audrey for sleeping at least 8 hours a night since you were 5 weeks old and even letting us sleep in on the weekends 8 hours or more- which we love the most! 

Audrey, I enjoy watching you grow. You have grown from a little tiny baby lady to a bigger little tiny lady.  I’ve seen you grow from an always having to held baby to a you don’t even let me hold you anymore baby because you are crawling every where.  I enjoy watching you and your Mama bonding when you’re feeding.  I probably just like the “me time”, if washing dishes is considered “me time”.  I enjoy putting you in that “Bumbo- Baby Sitter” thingy and feeding you all them organic baby food concoctions that your Mama makes.  Who the heck ever heard of some of these combos? … “spinach and apples”, “sweet potatoes, pumpkin, blueberry, and apples”, “Squash, carrots, apples, and plums” … Oh Wow, better you than me. 

Your Daddy’s new priorities have changed a little bit (maybe alotta bit) since putting you first.  My baby duties include (but not limited to): changing your diapers, changing your clothes, giving you baths while we bump a mix of classical music and some rap tunes.  Don’t worry, it’s been censored.

What people should have warned us about was the workin’ Mama and Daddy and Baby schedule.  Here’s a typical week day for us:

1)      Wake up at 5:00AM.  Mama and Daddy wake up at the same time. 
2)      Daddy to the kitchen to get lunches ready.  Mama to the shower to get ready for work.  
3)      After 30 minutes Mama to the pump and Daddy to the shower. 
4)      After 20 minutes, Daddy wakes up the sleeping beauty and dresses you up with the clothes Mama set out for you the night before
5)      Once your diaper’s changed and you are dressed, Daddy hands you over to Mamma and finishes getting ready.
6)      While you are still feeding, Daddy is loading up the car with all the goodies: Mama’s lunch, Mama’s hot tea, your diaper bag, the pump, the fresh milk, etc.
7)      Then we off, separately.  Mama drives 40 minutes one way to drop you off at Grammy’s house. Then 5 minutes down the road is Mama’s work.  And Daddy off to work in 40 minutes of traffic… I hate traffic! Daddy tries to get home earlier than you and Mama from work to get dinner started.
8)      Then we spend some time playing, walking (with help—of course), laughing, talking, crawling, eating, and then off to dreamland you go.

That’s a busy day X’s 5.  Now what our friends and family should have said to us is that:  “after you have a baby, there’s not enough time in the day”.  What keeps us going though is that in 35 years we will be retired and sippin’ margaritas in Mexico!

I will post another topic in a couple of weeks sharing with you my new found hobbie… dun dun dun… Hint:  “Fisher Price”. 


Yo Dad

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  1. I just read that you surprised your wife with an ad space over at The Wiegands and I think that is so sweet. What a beautiful little family you are!