Monday, October 10, 2011

Coffee Break!

                                     Grumpy girls needing some coffee before running errands :)

Dear Little Lady,
Since having you, Little Lady, so much as changed. It is funny to think how much time I had before you were born. Now it seems like there is NO time for anything, these days. Daddy and I are used to keeping a very tidy and organized home. Theses days it seems like the laundry and dishes constantly need to be done, something needs to get organized, yard needs to be trimmed, errands need to be ran, etc. This stresses your Mama out to the max. Our family time has turned in to running errands. (At least we are all together though.) As I am typing this, you and daddy are cooking dinner and singing some made up rap song about croutons. (Awesome!) I am so thankful for your daddy, he is always there and willing to help. I'd better go join and get some much needed family time :) I am so happy to have you two in my life. The chores can wait!!!!


Feeling much better!
                                                      Audrey on top of the laundry pile :)

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