Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Auntie Rocks!

                                              Auntie Natalie excited to see the Little Lady.

                                                              Hanging with Auntie!

Dear Little Lady,
I am so excited that you get to visit and hang out with your Auntie. Your Auntie is going to show you so much, she is way cooler than your Mama :) I'm sure you will always being following her around and sneaking in to her room, just like she did to your Mama. Your Auntie is the most interesting, artistic, person I know. She can teach you how to paint, draw, and how to take a fabulous photograph. She can also show you how to apply makeup, and show you cool hair do's. If you ever need to just talk, I know she will be there for you. You are one lucky lady!


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