Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day by Day

I'm back... and we are finally on Thanksgiving break!! We are so excited for a little time off work to spend time with family and slow down for a bit. Things have been pretty good here...we have just been living life and trying to make the most of each day. We have some trips planned for the end of the year and can't wait to get out and adventure. We are spending part of Christmas break in a warm tropical place and the other half in the snowy mountains. It has been hard to get away from work, even on the weekends so I'm happy we were able to plan these upcoming trips.

My husband and I are forever daydreaming of selling everything and moving to a quieter place. Down size even more, work less, and spend more time together. Audrey often times wants to stay home and learn too. I think one day this may happen...we literally talk about it all the time. Till then we are taking this busy life day by day.

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