Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exploregonian (Part One)

So we survived our road trip. We had such a good time and had such nice weather. We drove up North to Oregon and even drove into Washington. These pictures were taken right before we left for home. We decided to get up early and do one last hike. We heard there was a real suspension bridge at the end of the hike with beautiful views... so we couldn't pass it up. We packed some snacks and filled our water bottles and we were off. It was so worth it... afterwards we drove the 10+ hours home. Crazy... we know.

Audrey did so well on the road. We did a ton of driving each day and she rarely complained and always took her naps in the car. I could not have asked for better behavior from her. She got to see mountains, snow, waterfalls, forests, rivers, and so many beautiful views. She was in heaven and she can really hike...she can totally keep up. I am so thankful my sister and I could show her all this and spend some time together... just us girls. 

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