Sunday, August 23, 2015

Still Here

It has been awhile but we are still here. Our summer break is officially over and I am back to work. Our weekends are now more precious than ever because believe it or not I will be working longer hours. Slow mornings and a little adventure will always be the goal for our weekends. This week we ordered Blue Apron to test and see if it can help us with cooking dinner. We don't get home till late so we figured this could help us by having food there and a recipe waiting. Although the food is not all vegan...I figured I could just supplement for myself when need be. Keeping our weeknights easy and light is another goal we have. Here is to keeping these goals and keeping peace in the year...

Weekends=slow mornings and a little adventure during the day.
Weekdays=stress less.
Weeknights=keep it light and easy.


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