Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Art Class

We have been enjoying our summer days. These days are my absolute favorite when we can just take our time doing things. Each day I set up her little table with some art supplies and let her go to town. She can create whatever she desires...I put water color, tape, crayons, scrap paper and whatever else I have on hand. It amazes me what she can come up with and create. The other days she made butterflies and lady bugs..completely designed and done by her. 

We try to fill her days with a little adventure and art but recently I have added cooking to the mix. She has been helping me prepare lunch when we have time. She is actually a pretty good helper in the kitchen. I love how careful she tries to be when she is mixing or adding spice. She really tries hard to listen and follow directions.

It has been really nice being able to be home with her...I don't want this Summer to end. 

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