Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birthday Bed

For Audrey's fourth birthday we decided to upgrade her bed to a twin size. We thought she was ready for a bigger size even though she is still so tiny. So, we decided to surprise her with the new bed when she came home from spending the night at her Grandma's house. Audrey was in shock after seeing it and declared that she was a big girl now with her new big bed. 

Audrey's room has had some small changes through out the four years. She is growing up so fast and I love creating a space that is just her own. We also included a little vintage desk so she can get her "work" done. We keep her room clutter free and everything has its own special place. She knows to put things back and to make sure she has all the parts for her toys. Doing our best to make sure she learns to take care and appreciate the things she has. 

We will miss you boat bed...


  1. Your daughter's bedroom is adorable, Nicolle. I like those little details that make it unique like photographs, wooden toys, artwork on the wall.