Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quiet Days

Our days have been filled with full work schedules, exploring, and slow weekends when we can. Our spring break will be here next week and Audrey will be turning four too. I always look forward to spring break because it gives us some much needed time off from our full work schedules. I am excited to spend some slow and quiet days at home with Audrey. We started our little garden in the backyard and would like to finish up next week. We also changed Audrey's room around a bit and she upgraded to her official big girl bed. So even though things have been quiet on this little internet space, we have been keeping busy. Looking forward to a few quiet days next week though...

I have been reading this book too and it is really good. It talks about simplifying things and keeping out the clutter in our children's lives.  Keeping things simple in life and especially in our home has always been our goal. Here, Kim Payne outlines a few things for your home...

Imagine your home...
- as a place where time moves a little slower.
- becoming less cluttered and more visually relaxing.
- with space, and time, for childhood-and with time for one another every day.
- as a place where play and exploration are allowed, and honored.
- having more ease as you begin to limit distractions and to say no to the stress of too much, too fast,  
  too soon.
- as a sense of calm and security take hold.
- becoming a place where those we love know it, by virtue of our attention, protection, and 

These things listed really speak to me and this is how I envision our home and a home I want my daughter to grow in. Although, it won't always be perfect... these will be the things we strive for and if all else fails there will always be plenty of love.

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  1. Audrey is very adorable and I can see she has a talent in painting. Keep it up!