Friday, December 12, 2014

Stay Cozy

0ver the past week or so the weather has started to get a little cooler. We finally have was so needed here in California. We actually had a "rain day" yesterday, meaning all our schools were closed. People (myself too) in California are so funny... clearly, we wouldn't be able to survive back east. However, this "rain day" was much appreciated and we got straight to work on staying warm and cozy. We put Audrey's favorite new slippers on and put on a movie. It was a perfect day filled with warm blankets and hot homemade soup.

We also have put up our tree and her advent calendar. We surprised her one night and told her that Santa had left a little tree for her to decorate. She was so excited to decorate it her way. This saved us from going and picking out the tree together. Unfortunately, this year time hasn't been on our side and I was afraid we would never get the chance. I set up her advent calendar on time and we have been doing it every night together. We are just about ready for this little holiday... can't wait to spend it with our friends and family.

Check out these cute little shoes for your little ones. They make such a cute gift...


  1. The shoes are really cute!
    I love the advent calendar idea.

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  3. Hello,

    Thanks for share. Really!! I like gift and I Love Christmas holiday because santa claus give me new cute gift..... I have read more blog on baby name