Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Day

Today was Audrey's first day of preschool. It is a summer program two days a week for three hours. It gives her a little more interaction with kids and more work with motor movement, arts, music, and most importantly play. Audrey was so excited at the thought of going to school and happily introduced herself to her teachers today. She was fine with us dropping her off and had no tears. 

I on the other hand was a mess...I cried and had a nervous feeling the whole time. I have had this anxiety since the day she was born with time it has got better but still present. However, when I went to pick her up she came out of the classroom with a smile from ear to ear. She told me how much she loved school and her teachers. This made me feel so much better...if she is happy then I am happy. 

Here is hoping next class session I won't feel the need to get there an hour before class gets out :)


  1. Wow, congrats to you on such a successful first day! For her, of course. I know all too well just how you feel. My 2 year old just started a summer preschool program last week (three days a week, 3 hours each) and I was a nervous mess, too. And, she cried each day. I actually received a phone call on Friday about a half hour before pick up time to go get her early because she wouldn't stop crying. SUCKED! Good news is that yesterday was her best day yet. Good for you guys that she was tear/sad face free! How old is she?? And good luck on the rest of the summer! yay for some kid-free mama time :) -Misty

  2. Oh wow...you are so brave. My kid has always been super independent...complete opposite of me. Audrey was three in April and during the school year when I work stays with my mom and dad. Hope you are enjoying your summer!!