Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Happiest Day

About a week ago we went to the happiest place in the world...Disneyland for my nephew's third birthday. We didn't plan for it too much except the date we were leaving and the hotel we would be staying at. We left Friday after work, which you can imagine was rushed and everyone was tired but somehow it just worked. Brian, Uncle Eric, Auntie Jackie, Auntie Natalie, Audrey, Julian and I all piled in the van and we were off. It was about a a seven hour drive to Disneyland but there was no major meltdowns...just good old road trip fun.

 On Saturday we woke up early to go to the park. I didn't set any huge expectations for the day, just wanted to take things as they came. Bringing two toddlers who were off their usual schedule was a little scary. As soon as we entered the park and Audrey got to take a picture with Minnie Mouse...I knew this was going to be a awesome day. Disneyland did not disappoint...Audrey and Julian had the time of their lives. They were good the entire day and didn't cry once. They napped in their strollers as needed and were so patience in the lines. The park wasn't too crowded either. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was only fifteen minutes. We stayed from morning to late night...we almost closed the park down. It was nice spending family time with everyone, even my sister had a good time. It truly was the happiest day :)

Happy Birthday Julian...we love you so.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! We can't wait to take our daughter... she idolizes Ariel.